VC Perspective on InsurTech Startups – Panel Discussion with the VCs: Andrew Lerner, Jan Hammer, Matt Streisfeld, Rick Zullo and Yann Ranchere

In this panel discussion the leading InsurTech VCs talk about “VC Perspective and Investment Thesis” at the InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas. The panel is moderated by Yann Ranchere from Anthemis Group.

In this panel discussion Yann Ranchere leads a panel of VCs on the topic of InsurTech startups. He talks about the digitalization movement in the insurance industry and asks about the VC perspective on investing in InsurTech companies. Then Yann asks what drives their current investments in InsurTech startups. At last they talk about the benefit for incumbent insurance corporations by investing into early stage insurance technology companies.

The panel was part of the event InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas. The panel’s title was: VC Perspective and Investment Thesis.

Yann Ranchere is a partner at Anthemis Group. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the trends that shape the financial services industry as well as the startups addressing those.

Anthemis is an investment and advisory firm focused on reinventing financial services for the 21st century. Anthemis works with a diverse group of customers and partners to start and accelerate positive and disruptive change across the financial industry.

The panelists

Andrew Lerner is a managing partner at IA capital group, where he is responsible for the day-to-day activities of IA Capital, and is a member of its investment committee.

Jan Hammer is the general partner at Index Ventures. He is particularly interested in financial services disruption and information services across all stages. Mr. Hammer’s focus is on growth stage investments.

Matt Streisfeld is a vice president at OAK HV/FT. Matt focuses on growth equity and early-stage venture opportunities exclusively in financial services technology.  He is a Board Observer on Insureon, Trov, and Urjanet.

Rick Zullo is a vice president at lightbank. He is focused on high-growth tech businesses. The Chicago-based venture capital firm started by the Groupon founders is specializing in early stage, disruptive technology companies.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Why is there so much interest in InsurTech and what is driving the investments? (02:25)
  2. Is there a real difference in investing into InsurTech startups vs. Fintech? (03:55)
  3. What are you looking at when you invest in InsurTech startups? (04:40)
  4. What is your view after you invested in Climate Corp? (05:53)
  5. What variations do you see in different geographic areas and what opportunities arise for you as an investor? (07:20)
  6. Is there a typical InsurTech entrepreneur and what types of founders are you looking for? (10:35)
  7. How do you deal with the regulation in the insurance industry and the potential tensions? (15:02)
  8. What are your recommendations to regulators? (19:26)
  9. Do you envision a new full-stack risk carrier and in which line(s) will it appear? (21:42)
  10. What will the pay-out be for incumbent insurers by doing early stage investments? (25:15)
  11. What are you looking at right now? (27:51)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 31:44 minutes; Original Source:; Original published: 5 – 6 of November 2016

Links and Resources

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  2. Andrew Lerner: LinkedInIA Capital Group on crunchbase
  3. Jan Hammer: LinkedIn, Business Profile, Index Venture on crunchbase 
  4. Matt Streisfeld: LinkedIn, Business Profile, OAK on chrunchbase
  5. Rick Zullo: LinkedIn, twitterlightbank on crunchbase
  7. 10 Takeaways from the Future of Insurance and InsureTech Connect Conference (Link)

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