Platforms Are a Bigger Threat To Insurers Than Insurtech Startups – Interview with Chris Wei of Aviva Asia

In this interview Chris Wei (executive chairman of Aviva Asia) is being interviewed about “Online Platforms that are a Bigger Worry than Insurtech” for Insurance Providers by Diana Dorahy  from A.M. BestTV.  

In this interview Chris Wei, Executive Chairman of Aviva Asia and Global Chairman of Aviva Digital, starts the conversation with: InsurTech startups are capturing attention in the press but lack customers.  That is the advantage of incumbent insurers.

Then they talk about large online platforms in Asia and elsewhere that are more likely to disrupt the established insurance sector than InsurTech startups. The host of this interview is Diana Dorahy from A.M. BestTV.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How does digitalization and innovation transforms the insurance industry in Asia? (00:20)
  2. Are insurers devoting enough time and attention to this transformation? (01:35)
  3. What’s the current state of customer centricity in insurance? (02:50)
  4. Are you concerned about new full-stack InsurTech startups that don’t need to take legacy systems into account? (04:20)
  5. What strategies do you use to transform Aviva corporation? (05:36)
  6. How will insurance corporations perform from a tech point of view? (07:25)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 09:07 minutes; Original published: February 23, 2017; Original Source:

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Karl Heinz (creator of InsurTechTalk)