The Future of Insurance and the Leading Role of Insurtech – Interview with Murray Raisbeck

In this video interview Murray Raisbeck (Head of Insurance Technology KPMG) is being interviewed about the future of insurance and the leading role of InsurTech by Alastair Greener from Telegraph Online.

Murray Raisbeck is a Partner within KPMG’s FS practice with extensive FS audit and advisory experience. One current area of focus for Murray is the UK motor insurance market. He frequently comments on UBI developments in the press. In this interview he talks about the future of the insurance industry, the changes and what the new technology based InsurTech startups bring to the table.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Who is triggering the changes in the insurance industry? (00:25)
  2. What are InsurTech startups looking at? (01:18)
  3. What is getting in the way of incumbent insurers? (02:38)
  4. What must insurance carriers do to overcome this? (03:45)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 10:04 minutes.

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Karl Heinz (creator of InsurTechTalk)