How SPIXII the Chatbot Turns Complex Insurance into Simple Conversation – Interview with Renaud Million (CEO from SPIXII)

In this interview Renaud Million co-founder and CEO of SPIXII talks with Liam Gray about how the SPIXII team is rethinking the way we interact with insurance companies and how they use behavioural science and neuroeconomics to make SPIXII human and simple.

In this interview Liam Gray and Renaud Million co-founder and CEO of SPIXII talk about Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and how AI is helping SPIXII to learn about the preferences of each customer to make insurance easy like a conversation.

Liam and Renaud discuss how the team helps SPIXII to talk in multiple languages, the technology behind of SPIXII and the complexity of building a chatbot.

The protagonists

The host of this interview is Liam Gray. He is the creator and host of the podcast Inside InsurTech. He lives in London and is an Associate at Aon Inpoint. His podcast Inside InsurTech is about providing a window into the world of InsurTech.

Renaud Million is the co-founder and CEO of SPIXII. He is a numerate engineer, nearly qualified actuary who loves making life simpler. He is equipped with 5 years of insurance specific experience from the Big 4 and is now redesigning the way people buy insurance.

The InsurTech startup SPIXII is transforming the way we see insurance today. SPIXII is on a mission to make insurance simple, accessible and personal. The bot SPIXII is an automated insurance agent and a chatbot accessible via messaging platforms or via a native mobile app.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How did you geht into the world of InsurTech? (0:40)
  2. What was your value proposition when you joined the startupbootcamp InsurTech accelerator and what is it today? (2:13)
  3. What are you using chatbots right now for? (4:02)
  4. Where will the technology of SPIXII be in 1- 2 years and how will customers interact with SPIXII? (5:88)
  5. About the complexity of building a chatbot (5:58)
  6. Which insurers do you work with? (7:53)
  7. What country do you go next? (8:29)
  8. How do you team up internally to make SPIXII talk in multiple languages? (9:18)
  9. Are there any other InsurTech startups that caught your eye? (10:28)
  10. What would you say to people who want to know more about InsurTech? (11:50)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 14:07 (27 MB) Download; Original Source:; Original published: March 23, 2017

Links and Resources

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  3. Renaud Million on LinkedIn, twitter, interview, another interview
  4. SPIXII on, twitter, in the press

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