How Digital Fineprint Converts Data into Precious Insurance Information – Erik Abrahamsson (CEO of Digital Fineprint)

In this interview Liam Gray and Erik Abrahamsson founder and CEO of Digital Fineprint talk about how they turn raw social data into precious insurance information.

Erik Abrahamsson reports on the Social Autofill Service provided by Digital Fineprint, that uses social media data to improve the process of online purchasing in the insurance industry. The service automatically fills out insurance application forms with data stored in Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Liam and Erik also discuss the three uniques that distinguishes Digital Fineprint from other InsurTech startups and the competitors they have to watch. After that Liam Gray and Erik Abrahamsson talk about the countries the startup wants to enter in the future and about their venture fund and it’s focus on InsurTech.

The protagonists

The host of this interview is Liam Gray. He is the creator and host of the podcast Inside InsurTech. He lives in London and is an Associate at Aon Inpoint. His podcast Inside InsurTech is about providing a window into the world of InsurTech.

Bo-Erik Abrahamsson is the founder and CEO of the InsurTech startup Digital Fineprint. He is a Swedish entrepreneur and worked formerly at twitter and P&G. Erik brings social media expertise and an entrepreneurial drive to the incumbent insurance industry.

Digital Fineprint turns social data into valuable data for the insurance industry. They offer consumers a service to analyze all insurance needs with one click and offer risk carriers actionable insights on customer risk profiles, all by using the social data gathered on social media.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. Why and how did you get into insurance? (00:40)
  2. What does Digital Fineprint provide? (02:33)
  3. What are your typical user demographics? (04:08)
  4. What are your three uniques that distinguishes you from other InsurTech startups? (04:53)
  5. Will Digital Fineprint change the industry in the next year? (05:55)
  6. Do you have competitors? (07:00)
  7. Which countries will you enter, witch order and why? (08:06)
  8. What other companies are you interested in and what capabilities of them? (10:33)
  9. Tell me about your venture partners (12:10)
  10. Do you think that it is important that the venture fund is focused on InsurTech? (12:35)
  11. What is your advice to people who want to move into the InsurTech industry? (13:22)

Watch and Listen

Running time: 14:46 (23 MB) Download; Original Source:; Original published: March 2017

Links and Resources

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  3. Bo-Erik Abrahamsson on LinkedIn, twitter, interview,
  4. Digital Fineprint on their Site, LinkedIn, twitter, chrunchbase, interview

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